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Video:What to Expect During a Nose Piercing

with Dannielle DeBonis

Nose piercing is a quick procedure, but it's also in a highly sensitive area. Watch how painless and simple it can be when a nose piercing is done by a pro, and learn what you should do to prepare for one.See Transcript

Transcript:What to Expect During a Nose Piercing

Hey, I'm Dannielle with Artistic Skin Designs. We're going to do a nostril piercing today.

Before Getting a Nose Piercing

It's very important when getting any piercing to make sure that you go to a good studio, that they have an experienced piercer, and that they use good quality jewelry. With nostril screws it's really easy to tell because they should bend it specifically for you and it should be a high-grade stainless steel. My client today has picked a 1.5-millimeter pink tourmaline nostril screw, so we're going to measure her nostril, give her a little bit of extra room for healing - that will go into how I bend the nostril screw for her. And you'll learn a little bit about the process, how quick and easy and virtually painless it is.

Prepping for a Nose Piercing

We once again have our Q-tip, gauze, and toothpick for a sterile, single-use pen, an 18-gauge needle to go with the 18-gauge jewelry, a little bit of Techni-care surgical scrub. Just firm pressure with the surgical scrub for about 30 seconds. We're going to use the toothpick and a little bit of the gentian violet to make a little mark so she can check it out and make sure it's going for where she wants it to be. I usually just move the area a little bit to make it nice and pliable.

Getting a Nose Piercing

Take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly. We're going to put the nostril screw through there, and then we want to rotate the end of the nostril screw to head up the sinus passage there. And then a final cleaning, and you are done, baby doll.

Nose Piercing Healing Time

It usually takes about two to three months to heal, depending on the person, depending on their aftercare and everything like that. Using a high-grade jewelry does go into a good healing process for sure. Some other things would be your cleaning product - the H2Ocean spray is my favorite cleaning product. It's the only I've found that can kill bacteria that does not harm skin cells - you can use it as much as you like, usually about three to six times per day - and it's very hands-free, which is good as well. You just spray it on and let it dry.

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