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Video:See a Lip Piercing

with Dannielle DeBonis

Using a professional, certified piercer will reduce risks, speed healing time, and minimize pain. See what happens during a lip piercing so you know what to expect if you decide to take the plunge.See Transcript

Transcript:See a Lip Piercing

I would say, every area of the body you pierce has a little bit of difference about it. Hi! I'm Dannielle with Artistic Skin Designs for - today we are going to do a lip piercing.

Tools Used in a Lip Piercing

This is Techni-care surgical scrub - the soap that we use to clean with - a 16-gauge, half inch ring that we're going to use. Everything is packaged and sterilized - I've already popped it out of the package. This is a 16-gauge needle, also in a sterile pack. We have the sterilized clamps, a sterile q-tip, gauze, and toothpick - this toothpick with the gentian violet we'll use to make a sterile, single-use pen for marking.

Clean the Piercing Area

We're just going to clean with a little Techni-care, and just rub with an even pressure for about 30 seconds. I usually save the inside cleaning for after they lay down and right about when I'm going to start, because if you don't, then the lip just goes right against the teeth again.

Mark the Lip Piercing Position

We'll go ahead and use that sterile, single-use pen I was talking about there for a marking. You want to go right in, under the lip line there, a sufficient amount so that you're not in this pink portion here, just a little bit under it. Go ahead and check that out for me - see what you think.

When you put the hoop in, is it going to lay this way, or this way? It depends on how you have it laying during healing - I prefer the way the look when they lay inward. Towards the middle? Right.

Clamp the Piercing

Go ahead and lay back with your head at this end here. Alright - going to clean the insider here with a little bit of the surgical scrub as well. And then we'll clamp you directly afterward - it just holds it in place so you can get a nice, fast piercing - nothing slips, nothing moves away. Just line up your mark there on the outside - and take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly. Good job.

Pierce the Lip

Let me get some gauze on you there - it's a little bit slippery. Just line up the 16-gauge jewelry with the 16-gauge needle, follow it right through. You can twist this back - we use a really high-grade, stainless steel jewelry so it's easy to bend, and also easy for insertion. Then I usually do one last cleaning just to try to get some of this extra purple off. Usually we've cleaned so well that it sticks to the skin and dyes it pretty good for a couple days so that will eventually wear off.

Check for any bleeding - we don't have any with this one at all. Get the bead aligned to a good placement there. You always want to get it to a good placement so that initial reaction when seeing it in the mirror for the client isn't to go ahead and touch it or turn it - you definitely don't want them messing around with it after piercing. You're good to go! That wasn't bad at all.

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