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Video:Types of Prince Albert Jewelry

with Alex

The Prince Albert genital piercing can be done with different styles of jewelry. Check out the jewelry options for a Prince Albert piercing and how the jewelry fits.See Transcript

Transcript:Types of Prince Albert Jewelry

My name is Alex here at Red Rocket Tattoos in New York City with About.com and today we’re going to go over jewelry for Prince Alberts.

There are Two Types of Prince Albert Piercings

Prince Albert is a genital piercing that stems from the bottom of the head and comes out through the urethra. The way you would insert it is through the bottom of the shaft and through the hole. There are two types of Prince Alberts, you have either your standard Prince Ablert or your reverse Prince Albert. The problem with the reverse Prince Albert is that it has a tendency to rip very easily compared to a standard Prince Albert that can actually hold a lot of weight and force.

Choose the Size of the Piercing Jewelry

Usually if you’re starting off, you can go with a smaller gauge and diameter. Anywhere from a twelve to and eight gauge. This jewelry in particular you don’t exactly unscrew it, you would need pliers to open and close it, so the bead is held on by the pressure of the rings. Some jewelry depending on how big it is, actually has what is called a spring-loaded bead.

These on the other hand are just threaded, so you can actually untwist both beads, and this will be easier to take on and off with time. If you do choose you can actually start to stretch it yourself. Some people have a tendency to go at a very large size. So far the biggest I’ve seen have been double zero gauge. Some people with time actually like the bigger sizes, some people are comfortable with smaller ones. It really just depends on you and where you want to take it.
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