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Video:Types of Nose Piercings

with Michael Fenn

There are different types of nose piercings and different pieces of jewelry suitable for each. Learn about the styles of nose piercings to see which is best for you.See Transcript

Transcript:Types of Nose Piercings

Hello, my name is Michael Fenn from Body Designs and I'm here with About.com to give you some tips on body piercing.

Various Jewelry Works on Different Nose Piercings

The first thing I'm going to talk about is nose piercing, specifically nostril piercing, which is the side of the nose. It's done traditionally in the Indian and Pakistani area of the world where it is a status symbol. It's something that we have adopted in our culture for many years now and it's done in one of two ways. It's done with either a captive bead ring, where it's a ring that goes through the nose or it can also be done with what is called a nostril screw. The nostril screw does have a stud-type look but it does have curve to it to protect the inside of the nose from any damage.

There is also a piercing that is called a septum that goes through the soft area between the web of the nose and the cartilage of the septum. Most people think that it goes through the bone there but if you were to put your fingers inside your nose and feel for that cartilage and pull down and push in at the same time you'd feel a very soft spot and that is the area that the piercing is supposed to go through. With the septum there is probably more choices in jewelry, it could be anywhere from a septum retainer which is something that can be flipped up inside the nose so that if you're going to mom's house for Thanksgiving or something and didn't want her to see that you have it you can certainly hide it quite easily. It's something that's not really noticeable, most of them are anodized into a black color so that it is less visible.

Other jewelry that can be worn there would be a captive bead ring, however that's not something that you're going to be able to turn up and hide easily. There are other things that can be worn such as a circular barbell which has a horseshoe type of shape with two ball on the end and there's even septum tusks that are available for custom orders where it looks like a metal mustache for someone to wear.

Only Touch the Nose Piercing for Cleaning

The thing that you want to be most careful about is not touching it unless they wash their hands first. People have a habit of, something is there, something is uncomfortable, they reach to touch it and see if they can move it a little bit or just take some of that tenderness away for some strange reason. And of course, with their hands being dirty, covered with bacteria, the bacteria gets into the piercing and the piercing can get infected. So the most important thing for anyone to do is to definitely wash their hands before touching the piercing. The only time they should be touching the piercing is to clean it which we recommend to do twice a day using a saline rinse to do it.

Nose Piercings Can Close If the Jewelry is Taken Out

If they are unhappy with the piercing at any time they can certainly take it out. Depending upon their body and their metabolism and so forth the piercing will start to close as soon as jewelry is out of it. How fast the piercing is going to close up and how much it will close up varies from person to person, it varies if someone has had a problem with the piercing where say, for example, it got caught on something and ripped a little bit -- that piercing is not going to close up as easily as one that has been taken care of and has healed properly throughout the time. Worst case scenario is generally that of an acre scar or a pockmark type of look.

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