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Video:Types of Nipple Piercing Jewelry

with Michael Fenn

There are different options for nipple piercing jewelry, but all the jewelry styles should be made from safe material and be the proper size. Learn more about various types of nipple piercing jewelry to see which may suit you.See Transcript

Transcript:Types of Nipple Piercing Jewelry

Hello, I'm Michael Fenn from Body Designs and I'm here with About.com to give you some tips on body piercing.

Jewelry Needs to Be the Proper Size for the Piercing

As far as nipple piercings, as far as the initial piercing, we either start with a captive bead ring or a circular barbell. They're both round and the captive bead ring has a bead that is held by captive tension of the ring and the circular barbell is the horseshoe shape with the two balls on it.When we do the piercing, we mark the area and we find the jewelry that going to be acceptable for it. That's a problem that people sometimes have -- people want to get their nipple pierced but they want to have a very, close to invisible piece of jewelry there which does not exist. The most important thing that they can have with the jewelry is having large enough in diameter so that it will have a door knocker effect where it will hinge back and forth easily.

Use Piercing Jewelry with Safe Metal

One other thing that people need to understand is that in this day and age, it's not like it was back in the sixties when there was good jewelry, which was generally made from gold, because it was the better quality metal that was out there. But ever since the late 1950's and early 60's the post on 14-karat gold jewelry was made from surgical steel with 24-karat gold plating on it. 14-karat gold is not an ideal metal for piercing for anybody. 14-karat gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts base metals -- those base metals once again are nickel and lead. Once a piercing is healed, it's a different story, but we don't recommend it for initial piercing.

There are More Jewelry Options After the Initial Piercing

After it is healed, they can also wear a barbell if they would like. I'm not a big fan of barbells myself because it's very easy for things to get caught behind them. With a ring, something would roll off a good bit easier because there is roundness to it. Something getting caught behind a barbell could cause a piercing to rip, tear or even rip all the way through. Janet Jackson showed us all on that Super Bowl Sunday that there is other jewelry called nipple shields which actually go around the nipple and a barbell holds that jewelry in place. It's not for daily wear, but it is nice for special occasions.Body jewelry is not something that should be changed on a regular or every day basis, but if you want to change it once a week or once every couple of weeks, once the piercing is healed, and you're careful about it, there's no problem.
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