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Video:Types of Jewelry for Microdermal Piercing

with Stephen Cavaliero

Want to learn about the different types of jewelry for microdermal piercing? This video will teach you all about the different microdermal options.See Transcript

Transcript:Types of Jewelry for Microdermal Piercing

Hi I'm Steven Cavaliero here at Broken Famous Tattoo in Staten Island New York and in this segment we're gonna talk about some of the different types of jewelry you can wear for micro dermal piercing. Let's go!

Hi, I'm Jerome Alvarado from Broken Famous Tattoo in Staten Island. I'm a piercer for 20 years, and today we're gonna talk about micro dermal piercings.

Initial Jewelry for a Microdermal Piercing

The initial jewelry is a standard gem, in a month or so we can change the jewelry to maybe a starburst or different color, but the initial jewelry will be a round gem. The jewelry is titanium, the foot on the micro dermal has holes in it. Some jewelry the holes are larger than other. The larger hole will be more permanent, because that's where the tissue is gonna grow in.

Options for Jewelry for a Microdermal Piercing

It depends on the customer whether they would like something maybe to wear for the summer or something more permanent. So you would look at the foot of the jewelry and you would see they have holes on the long foot and holes on the short foot and the size of them - like I said if it has a bigger hole it would be more permanent, if the hole was smaller it would be less permanent. What I mean by less permanent is that it would be actually easier to take the implant out. It has a low rejection rate but it would be easier to remove. Where the foot with the larger holes would be a little more difficult. But the jewelry with the smaller holes on the foot, its not something that you can take in and out on a daily basis. It's just that its easier to remove should you decide that the jewelry is not for you or if maybe you have a job or whatever the circumstances.

Before You Get a Microdermal Piercing

You should know where you'd like to place your micro dermal. A couple of popular places are by the eye, the collar bone, for girls the cleavage. Okay so you should have that. Make sure you go to a reputable shop and a reputable piercer.

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