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Video:Types of Jewelry for Genital Piercing

with Alex

Genital piercings can be done in a variety of styles with many options for jewelry. Learn more about genital piercings and which types of jewelry are suited for them.See Transcript

Transcript:Types of Jewelry for Genital Piercing

My name is Alex here at Red Rocket Tattoos in New York City with About.com and today we’re going to cover some different types of jewelry for genital piercings.

Styles Vary for Male and Female Genital Piercings

Genital piercings, whether male or female, vary as far as positioning and you have various options where exactly you want to place them. With female genital piercing, on the other hand, if it’s horizontal you pretty much go for a captive-bead ring, if its vertical a barbell tends to sit best. So it just depends on anatomy and how it can vary in sizes. For men as far as genital piercings go, you can have prince alberts, apadravya, ampallang, didos, frenums, so for frenum piercing you would typically go for a straight barbell. You could do something small, some people work their way up. With apidravia piercings or ampallangs, there is usually a straight barbell going through the urethra.

Sizes can vary on length and thickness of your jewelry. This is a receiving tube which is a typical tool used for the Prince Alberts, vertical hoods, it’s just to make sure it captures the needle and doesn’t puncture anywhere else. Same thing with the clamp itself, what this does is it actually grips the tissue, so that way you hit exactly where you’re supposed to.

Genitals Piercings Should Be Left In While Cleaning

In general cleaning is all the same, you definitely want a sterile saline mixture or sea salt mixture, and an anti-microbial soap, preferably with no perfumes and alcohol. Most piercing shops or professional shops have this. Just make sure to leave your piercing in while you’re cleaning. Do not attempt to remove it at all. You generally clean around your piercing, especially if it’s new, it will close completely and you can cause damage as far as inserting and removing the jewelry on a constant basis.
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