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Video:Most Sensitive Tattoo Areas on the Body

with Matt Victor

Some ares of the body may seem more sensitive to tattoos than others, but your personal tolerance for pain is also a factor. Learn more about body sensitivity during tattooing.See Transcript

Transcript:Most Sensitive Tattoo Areas on the Body

My name is Matt Victor I work at Tribal Rites tattoo and Piercing in Westminster, Colorado. I have been tattooing for over 20 years and today I am here for to discuss the most sensitive tattoo areas on the body.

Soft Areas of the Body are Sensitive to Tattoo Pain

There are common denominators of course. Any place that is soft, any place that is hidden, god forbid you go out and get a genital tattoo. Tattoos on the inside of your thigh, tattoos in the armpits . Tattoos in the area that we call the ditch of the elbow. Softer areas under your arm.

Some people find if they can't see their tattoo getting done, on the back, say it's the back of their leg, or their butt for that matter, they tend to feel that pain worse. But if they are getting a tattoo on their forearm or the front of their leg, somewhere they can watch, focus on they tend to hurt less. But that is a personal issue.

People Tolerate Tattoo Pain Differently

I find that my neck tattoo was cake but other people that had a neck tattoo had a tough time. I am one of those people that can feel less pain if I focus on my tattoo. While plenty of other people like to go off into space and not see what is going on because it hurts them more to watch.

Getting tattooed can be different for everybody and on the subject of levels of pain, I don't think it is so much levels of pain; I think it's more levels of tolerance and how well you can get past that tattoo with your mind.

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