How to Prepare for a Microdermal Piercing Video
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Video:How to Prepare for a Microdermal Piercing

with Krystina Mears

If your consider getting a microdermal piercing consider where you want the jewelry to be and how much pain you are willing to take during the piercing. Watch this video to learn how to prepare for a microdermal piercing.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Prepare for a Microdermal Piercing

Hi I’m Krystina, I’m here at Addiction Ink for and I’m going to give you tips on how to prepare for your microdermal piercing.

Piercing Pain

A few things to consider before getting a microderma piercing are that its going to hurt, its going to leave a scar if you remove the jewelry and it will alter your appearance. Lastly and most importantly you want to make sure the place you’re going to is reputable. You want to take a look at the piercer’s portfolio and make sure he or she has examples of microdermals in his book, that he’s done them before, that he’s comfortable with them. The process entails getting prepped by the piercer, then the jewelry is installed under the skin and then the head of the jewelry is screwed on.

Areas for Microdermal Pierces

One of the best things about getting a micro dermal is that as you’re healing the tissue heals through the post and reinforces it so you can get it almost anywhere. Some places I wouldn’t recommend getting microdermals are hands, feet, joints, anywhere there’s a lot of movement because the friction is going to put pressure on the jewelry.

Most people get them on their cheekbone, hip, chest or incorporate them into tattoos. The average number is 2 but you can get upwards of 8-10, it depends on your pain tolerance and the design you want to get. Some popular designs people get are stars and hearts, could be 7, 8 or 9. Sometimes they’ll do a straight line down the chest and that will be 3.

Microdermal Jewelery

Once your micro dermal is healed and you’re thinking about getting the head changed you would go into a reputable shop and have a knowledgeable piercer switch it for you, don’t try to do it yourself. You can choose from any size, shape, stone, material, there are literally hundreds of choices.

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