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Video:How to Cover Up a Tattoo Using Makeup

with Ana Crane Simpson

Even if you love your inked up skin, there may be times or places where you want to hide highly visible tattoos. See some simple tips that will help you cover up a tattoo with makeup.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Cover Up a Tattoo Using Makeup

Hi! My name is Ana Crane Simpson, and I'm with Applied Cosmetic Services for About.com. Today I'm going to show you how to cover up a tattoo.

Supplies and Makeup Needed to Cover a Tattoo

You will need:
  • 2 different size brushes, synthetic or nylon will do
  • a fluffy bronzer brush
  • any red base lip product
  • translucent powder
  • 2 concealers, one warm tone and one cool tone

Apply Red Base to the Tattoo

I'm going to be sectioning off a small piece of a larger tattoo so you can see the difference between the cover up and the original tattoo. The first step in this process is to take your red base lip product and smooth it over the surface of the tattoo, in thin layers, letting it dry in between the layers.

Cover the Tattoo With Cool Tone Concealer

Once you have applied approximately two to three coats, and that is fully dry, you're going to pick up one of you synthetic brushes, and you're going to take the cool tone concealer, brush it over the tattoo. The idea is to cover up the red lip product. Let that dry.

Cover the Tattoo With Warm Tone Concealer

Once that is dry, you're going to take your warm tone, which should match the original skin color of the person you are covering up on, and you're going to take your brush and brush it over the surface of the tattoo. Let that dry. Make sure the edges are blended into the skin's tone.

Conceal the Makeup Shine

Finally once that is dry, and the tattoo at this point should be completely covered up, you're going to take your translucent powder and you're going to pat it on the surface of the tattoo and the exterior to take away the shine and to blend it into the skin tone. So here you can see the difference between the section that was covered up and the original tattoo. And that's how you cover up a tattoo.

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