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Video:How to Care for a Nipple Piercing

with Michael Fenn

Nipple piercings are particularly sensitive and need to be cared for properly. Learn how to care for a nipple piercing with certain products and procedures.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Care for a Nipple Piercing

Hello, I'm Michael Fenn from body designs and we're here with with some tips for body piercing.

Pierce the Nipple in the Proper Location

What you should expect when getting a nipple piercing is that it is going to make the nipple a bit larger, it does cause it to stand up a little bit more where it's a little more erect. With doing the piercing it's done a little bit differently than the nose. It needs to be marked properly, and by properly I mean that the person needs to be standing straight up in order to mark it. It should be horizontal to the plane of the ground that they're standing on so it's important that they stand straight. If they're leaning over, there's no way that piercing is ever going to come out straight, that's number one.

Number two, the mark should be made equidistant from the center of the nipple itself. Sometimes if the nipple is small you do have to go out into the areola a little bit but overall the minimal length that you need in order to do the piercing safely is a quarter of an inch. I've seen it where people have gone way too far into the areola and that causes damage, that is not what needs to be done.

Use Saline Solution to Clean the Nipple Piercing

One of the best things that people can use for caring for their piercing is saline solution which is nothing more than a fancy term for salt water. It is one of the best products out there that can be used and there are many companies out there that sell sterilized salt water or saline solution that is catered to our industry. Do not use the optical lens solution, it's not for piercing. It is for eye use only, it's not for body use.

Proper Piercing and Cleaning Will Protect the Nipple

The most important thing that they can have with the jewelry is that it is large enough in diameter so that it will have a door knocker effect where it will hinge back and forth easily. If it cannot do that, it's only going to irritate the piercing and it's going to whittle away at the skin tissue until it works its way down to where there is very little bit of skin left there but where it is actually comfortable for that diameter.

So with any type of mucus membrane piercing whether it's the nose, the mouth, even nipple or genitalia they're all mucus membrane tissue, all prone to infection much easier than regular tissue so if you have an infection in the area, even having a pimple in that area it's something that can cause a problem so you want to be careful about it. Once again, the most important thing is washing your hands, secondly you want to clean it with saline solution twice a day and you don't want anybody touching it! Too many people want to see what it's like, you know, "Does it hurt?" Smack their hands, don't let them touch it, it's not healed. Their hands are dirty, same as yours would have been… no. No other body parts either, for that matter!

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