How to Care for a Microdermal Piercing Video
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Video:How to Care for a Microdermal Piercing

with Krystina Mears

Caring for your microdermal piercing by keeping it clean is essential for it to heal properly and avoid infections at the piercing area. Watch this video to learn tips to care for your microdermal piercing.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Care for a Microdermal Piercing

Hi, I’m Krystina, I’m here at Addiction Ink for and I’m going to give you tips on how to care for your micro dermal piercing.

After the Microdermal piercing

So after you get your micro dermal piercing, once you leave the shop, you just want to be very mindful of it. Every time you change, use a towel, if you use a loofa in the shower, anything that it can get snagged on you want to be careful with.

Advice from the Piercer

Every piercer has their own method and will give you different instruction, what I like to tell people is to get antibacterial or antimicrobial soap, something that’s not too harsh, wash your hands, wash the area. Don’t use q-tips or anything cotton because the fibers can get stuck and bacterial can breed on it. And then you’re just going to rinse it really well. It’s important to rinse it really well because bacteria breeds very quickly on soap residue. Most tattoo and piercing shops will carry H2Ocean, it’s a saline solution. It’s good because its sterile, because its in an aerosol can. So you would just spray that on after you wash it and it would just get rid of any soap residue and decreases your chances of getting an infection.

Healing Time After a Piercing

Everyone heals at a different rate, average about 6 months for it to heal completely. The outside will heal much quicker, the redness will go away within 2 weeks because its exposed to oxygen. The inside takes a bit longer, you want to wait at least 6 months before changing the head. So once it fully healed, you don’t have to go above and beyond, suing saline solution and cleaning it twice a day but you do want to keep the area clean just like any other piercing.

Infections at the Microdermal Piercing Area

Usually when someone gets an infection they get a little bubble around the surface and that’s called a keloid. One thing you can do is get any uncoated aspirin, crush it up, mix it with a little warm water to make a paste and before you go to bed at night just put it directly on the surface and then leave it on overnight and then wash it as you normally would in the morning. And if it doesn’t go away in a week I’d think about taking the jewelry out. If you wanted to get it removed you would go in and have a piercer take it out for you, there would be a small scar just like with any other piercing.

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