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Video:What Happens When You Get a Tattoo

with Clinton Ransdell

Getting something permanent tattooed on your skin can be a little intimidating, but let the pros walk you through it before you go and you'll be as comfortable as can be. Watch what happens before you get your first tattoo.See Transcript

Transcript:What Happens When You Get a Tattoo

Hi! My name is Clinton Ransdell - I'm with Artistic Skin Designs in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is and what you want to know before getting tattooed.

Find a Good Tattoo Shop

When someone wants a tattoo, I really encourage them to come into the shop and look around at the kinds of things that are available to them, make sure they're communicating to their artist about what they want.

Prep the Skin for Tattooing

I cleaned his arm up, shaved him, used a little alcohol to prep the skin, make sure it's clean and the pattern will stay on well.

Stencil the Tattoo in Place

We'll lay our stencil on there - make sure the pattern will stay on well and long - if you want to take a look in the mirror over there and make sure you like the way it's laid out your arm. We're actually just going to do the outline, so really kind of a simple straight-forward tattoo today. "Does that look like what you wanted? Yeah. Awesome. Alright, well we'll make it permanent."

Begin Tattooing the Design

This is a lubricant for the needles and to kind of help minimize the bleeding that we see - I think it's most famous for diaper rash. And, if it was his first tattoo, I would give him a short little line, let him get used to it, but this guy's been through it once or twice so we'll just get right into it. Probably one of the main things is that you've got nice tight skin - young and healthy, that makes it easy. And we'll just try and run some clean lines.

Generally we work from bottom to top to minimize wiping away the pattern. Most tattoos that we do are somewhere between a half hour, hour and a half, two hours. I think most people over-prepare at the thought of it, for the discomfort - it tends to be a little less than what you're actually ready for. "Did you want me to fill in the dad at all or leave it line-work, too? Can you fill in the star, red? And do the eye red? No problem, man."

Sensitive Tattoo Areas

As you might expect, the outside of your body, the outside of your legs are generally going to be some of the easier parts, and the insides of the body - the groin, the chest, the ribcage, the insides of the arms, the insides of the legs are typically going to be a little more tender.

Put a little A&D on you and a bandage, and send you on your way. Awesome.

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