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Video:Different Piercing Techniques

with Allison Lahikainen

There are different techniques for piercing various body parts. To make sure the piercing is sanitary and done properly, be sure to see a professional.See Transcript

Transcript:Different Piercing Techniques

Hi, I’m Allison Lahikainen for About.com and today we’re going to talk about different piercing techniques. We’re here at Graceland Tattoo in Wappingers Falls, New York.

When getting a piercing there are a few different techniques that people will use. Piercing ears have traditionally been done with a gun. Other techniques include a piercing needle done at a professional studio, sometimes tools are used that can hold the skin, other times, it’s just a needle and a cork.

Gun Piercings Should be Limited to Ears

Generally, ear lobe piercings are the only piercings that could ever be done with a gun. It should be a single use, disposable gun that isn’t used on anyone else. Gun piercings are not recommended for a few different reasons; you can’t sterilize the gun, usually it’s made out of plastic which would melt in the autoclave. If somebody is reusing the gun on multiple people, you are transferring bacteria from one customer to another.

Secondly, a gun could cause blunt force trauma. You are essentially pushing a semi-dull earring through your ear. Third, not all jewelry is made for everybody. If your earlobe is fatter than average, you could have trouble with the length of the jewelry being too short. And finally, bacteria tends to get caught in the backing and can build up and cause irritation. A gun should never be used on any other body part besides the ear lobes and if you’re using the gun for the ear lobe, again, it needs to be disposable, one time use. Any other body part is not suited for this tiny little stud.

Needle Piercings Should be Done by Professionals

There are very specific pieces of jewelry and techniques that go in piercing and eyebrow, a nose and a lip. The pros of the needle tend to be you’re at a professional studio where your needle is sterilized, it’s one time use and it’s laser sharpened. This creates a very tiny “V” cut so there’s no excess pressure being put on the ear. It’s a lot faster, it’s usually not as painful. The pinch feels a little bit different and you don’t get the throbbing you feel after the gun piercing, it feels a lot more relaxed.

A lot of piercing shops don’t numb the area. The more professional, the more experience the person has, the quicker, the easier and the faster the piercing. The pain lasts for only a couple of seconds, by the time it’s done even if it hurt you’re already finished. Piercing yourself at home is never a good idea. Things that can go wrong include; getting an infection from not clean equipment, not using the right type of needles, not using the right type or right grade of jewelry and also not knowing how to properly care for your piercing once its done. If you follow these recommendations you can figure out which piercing technique is right for you.

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