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Video:What Is a Table Tennis Minor Grip?

with Will Shortz

The table tennis minor grip can be useful against your table tennis opponent. In this About.com video, learn more about using the minor grip to hone your table tennis skills.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is a Table Tennis Minor Grip?

Hi, I'm Will Shortz with the Westchester Table Tennis Center.  Today I'm here for About.com and I'm going to show you what is a table tennis minor grip. 

How to Hold the Table Tennis Minor Grip

Now this grip is also called a Seemiller grip.  It's named after Danny Seemiller, three time Table Tennis champion of the United States.  In the Seemiller grip, traditionally the thumb and index finger are arranged in the back of the paddle and the player plays with only one side of the paddle, either forehand or backhand.  Forehand shot is like this.  Backhand shot is like this, in this case always using the red side of the paddle. 

Pros and Cons of the Table Tennis Minor Grip

A variation on the Seemiller grip is to put the index finger up the back of the paddle and again to play just with one side.  And again the stroke is like this.  The advantage of this grip is that it can generate a lot of top spin on the backhand.  A disadvantage is that it is harder to reach the edges of the table than with a more traditional grip.   

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