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Video:How to Play a Regulation Table Tennis Game

with Jon Gustavson

Learning how to play a regulation game is a great way to prepare for a tournament.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Play a Regulation Table Tennis Game

Hi I'm Jon Gustavson with the Atlanta Georgia Table Tennis Association for Today we're going to talk about the components of playing a game of table tennis by the rules, the way you would play it if you were playing in a tournament.

Start a Regulation Table Tennis Game With a Serve

Every game is going to begin with a serve. Practicing your serves learning all the rules on correct serves are a big part of it. A few things you have to do to have a legal serve is to hold the ball flat in the palm of your hand. Toss it up at least six inches, not hide the ball with your arm and you must be behind the line you can serve with the ball over top of the table.

Game Play for a Regulation Table Tennis Game

Once the person makes a point either by hitting the ball past the person or forcing them to make an error, by hitting the ball in the net or off the table, each time you score you get one point. After two points then it switches and the other person gets his turn to serve until one person has eleven points and that becomes one game. At the end of that game players switch sides and play another game until you've played an entire match which is the best of five or in some cases the best of seven.

Scoring Tips for a Regulation Table Tennis Game

A misunderstanding a lot of players have when they're playing table tennis is how a ball is scored when it hits the edge. It can be kind of tricky sometimes but the ball has to hit the playing surface. So a ball that comes in from the side and hits the side of the table without hitting any portion of the playing surface is not a point.

Additional Tips for a Regulation Table Tennis Game

The big things would be make sure you're serving legally, keeping score, and making sure you're playing a game that is as close to what the regulation rules are as possible. If you do that, when you do take the next step to play in a league or to play in a tournament, you'll be prepared and you'll know the rules and be ready to play. Thanks for watching. For more information, visit

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