5 Technique Drills to Make you a Better, Faster, and More Effcicient Swimmer Video
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Video:Swim Faster and More Efficiently

with Mat Luebbers

Swimmers, learn how to improve your swimming technique to swim faster and more efficiently with these 5 stroke drills.See Transcript

Transcript:Swim Faster and More Efficiently

Hi, I'm Mat Luebbers, your Guide to Swimming on About.com.
One way to refine your swimming technique is to use drills to get your stroke in the groove.

Swim Fast Drill 1: Catch-Up

Catch-up drill will isolate one arm and help develop a long stroke and body position. One arm is stationary and extended forward, pointing toward your destination. The other arm performs the stroke. When the working arm recovers and catches up with the stationary arm, they change places.

One variation is three-quarter catch-up, when the other arm begins to pull before the other arm fully catches up. Another variation is catch-up with an object. Your front arm is holding something and as the arms trade places, they hand it off to each other.

Swim Fast Drill 2: Fingertip Drag

Fingertip Drag drill will develop a high elbow recovery and make you more aware of your hand position during recovery. Your fingertips never leave the water as your arm moves forward after the pull. Drag your fingers forward, through the water, off to the side of your body, focusing on good body roll and keeping your elbows pointed up. Change how much of your hand stays in the water to vary this drill.

Swim Fast Drill 3: 10 and 10

10 and 10 Drill develops body roll and alignment. It looks like slow-motion freestyle. One arm is extended, the other is back, resting against your body. Your ear should be against your shoulder, chin in line with your chest, and your eyes look sideways. Take ten kicks and the arm strokes and recovers as the body rotates, take a breath and touch your head against your shoulder again.

As you get better at this drill, alter the number of kicks taken while on each side of the body until you can move slowly from the Ten and Ten Drill into regular freestyle.

Swim Fast Drill 4: One-Arm

One-Arm Drill lets you focus on one arm at a time. Only one arm is moving, and that arm takes a series of strokes then switches with the other arm. That other arm is stationary, either forward or against your side. Try changing the side you breathe towards, the working and non-working arm, and see what happens.

Swim Fast Drill 5: Fist Drill

Fist Drill promotes better feel for the water. You hold your hand in a fist and press in the water with the inside of your forearm. Think of the lower arm from elbow to wrist as an extension of your hand. Don't forget your body roll. Partway down the pool, open your fist. You should feel pressure on your hand and your forearm. You can combine drills to work on several skills at once.

Thanks for watching. To learn more about Swimming, visit us on the Web at Swimming.About.com. Swim on!
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