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Video:How to Do Exercises for Swimmers

with Brandy Monge

Learn how to do exercises for swimmers that will make you stronger before you get in the water. Here, see lots of excellent exercises for swimmers.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do Exercises for Swimmers

Hi, I'm Brandy Monge for About.com. We are here at CrossFit Queens and today we are going to talk about exercises which can help you improve and become a better swimmer.

Supplies for Exercises for Swimmers

You need nothing more than:
  • a mat
  • a set of dumbells
  • and an exercise band

About Exercises for Swimmers

As a swimmer we want you to choose exercises that are going to translate into a better performance in water. We'd like you to focus on the same muscle groups that you are going to be using while swimming. Before we get into the workout we must remember that every workout requires a proper warm up. And most importantly we have to remember to use correct technique when performing all of the exercises.

Push Ups as Exercise for Swimmers

Our chest and shoulder muscles are heavily involved in every swimming technique which makes Push Ups the perfect exercise for competitive swimmers.Place your palms flat on the floor and slighty more than shoulder width apart. Keep your feet parallel. You can do your push ups also on your knees.Look down or slightly forward and lower your upper body until your chest touches the floor.Straighten your arms by flexing your chest muscles. Keep your legs as well as your back straight.Do not arch or round your back. Exhale when you push yourself up and inhale when you lower your body.

Renegade Rows as Exercises for Swimmers

The muscles of the core play a crucial role when it comes to maintaining an effecient swimming position in the water. Renegade Rows train not only those important muscles but also our back. Lift the dumbell in your right hand to your middle in a rowing manner. Then put it back slowly. Repeat this with your other hand. Never let the dumbells drop on the floor. You always need to lift and to return the weight in a controlled fashion. A slight motion of your hips is inevitable since you have to counter balance the weight of the dumbbell. However, it is critical that you keep your core and hips as stable as possible by flexing your abs.

Band Pull Down Exercises for Swimmers

Band Pull Downs mimic the arm stroke of swimmers and help increase speed and endurance. Bend over so your upper body and your legs are at an angle of 90 degrees. With the band in one of your hands, move your straight arm from the front to the back of your body. Make sure your move your arm in a slow and controlled fashion. Switch hands after 15 to 20 reps. Exhale while pulling your arm to your back and inhale while returning to the front position.

Swimming Superman Exercises for Swimmers

The Swimming Superman is another exercise which improves your ability to keep a proper swimming position. It targets the entire muscle chain on the backside and helps you increase the frequency of your leg kicks in the water. Kick your legs while you simultanesly paddle with your arms. The Swimming Superman strengthen also your shoulders which is important in order to avoid swimmer's shoulder.

Rotator Cuff Rotations for Swimmers

Doing Rotator Cuff Rotations is the way to go if you have ever experienced shoulder problems like a swimmer's shoulder. As the name suggests this exercise makes your Rotator Cuffs stronger and leads to a more stable shoulder joint.Perform each rep steadily and slowly. Lift your arm to a count of three and lower your arm to a count of five.

Information About Exercises for Swimmers

Do for each exercise 4-5 sets for 15-20 reps. You will see solid results if you do the workout twice to three times a week. Thank you for watching! To learn more about swimming, please visit About.com.
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