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Video:Basic Swimmer's Workout

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Swimming is one of the best workouts a person can get, but it's important to know what you're doing before diving into the pool. Here's a video that details a basic swimmer's workout.See Transcript

Transcript:Basic Swimmer's Workout

Hi! I'm Ally for and here's how to have a swimming workout in the pool.

Make Swim Workout as Long as You Like

Each workout has a warm up, stroke drills or a swimming technique workout, a kicking section, a pulling section, a main set, and a cool down at the end. These workouts are designed to take between 75 to 90 minutes. If that's too long, you can always shorten the workout. This is your workout and you only get as much out of it as you put into it. You control how hard or how fast you swim and what strokes you use during swimming. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind when doing this workout.

Things to Keep in Mind for Swim Workout

Use your best swimming techniques and pay close attention to your form. The early part of your workout should be an easy to moderate intensity workout. Make sure to stop or slow down your workout if you get too tired or are having trouble breathing. Make sure to change the strokes you are doing every time you swim so you don't get caught in a swimming rut. Have fun with your workout.

Warmups, Kick and Pull Drills

And now for the technical part of your workout. You're going to do a 1x200, swimming as desired with a 20 second rest interval. You'll then do 4x50's. The swimming will get progressively faster with each swim and you'll rest for 20 seconds in between each set. You'll then do 8x25's and it's a stroke drill. Choose any stroke you like and you will then rest for 20 seconds between each one. You'll do a 1x200 kicking as desired. There will be a 20 second rest interval. You'll do 4x50's, kicking progressively harder through each set. You will make sure to take a 20 second rest interval in between. You'll then do a 1x100, pulling as desired. This is the pulling portion of your workout. Make sure to take a 20 second rest period. You'll then do 4x50's, pulling progressively harder, making sure to take a 20 second rest interval in between.

Main Set of Swimming Workout

You'll then take a little extra rest to get ready for the main set. You'll do a 1x800 with a steady effort. Make sure to stop at the halfway point to get your split time. You'll then take a 40 second rest and do a 1x400. Your goal here is to be 5-10 seconds faster then you were at the halfway point in your 800. You'll then take a 30 second rest and go into a 1x200. This will be a faster pace then the 400. Make sure to take a 20 second rest and then you will start a 1x100. This will be a faster pace then the 200 and you'll take a 10 second rest interval. Finally, you'll do a 1x50 at the fastest pace you can swim. After that you'll do a 1x200. This is your cool down. Do easy comfortable strokes and feel your body begin to slow down. The total distance is 3,150 yards. This is a great all around swim workout for the pool.

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