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Video:How to Wax a Surfboard

with Sean Fee

There are three crucial steps to properly waxing your surfboard: choosing the right wax, removal of old wax and correct application of the new wax. See how it's done and get your board ready for a surf.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Wax a Surfboard

Hi, I'm Sean Fee for About.com. Today, I'm going to be showing you how to wax your surfboard. If you surfboard is starting to look like this it really is about time for a new wax job.

Why Wax Your Board

Wax is applied for traction, so your feet don't slip off of the board at crucial moments. This old crusty layer has attracted dirt and sand which add unwanted weight and really degrade the look of your board.

Picking Surfboard Wax

There are quite a few brands of wax out there. I've tried many of them and found that "Mr. Zogs" works the best for me. It comes in six varieties: "1X" is for the coldest of oceans and "6X" is for warm tropical water. You'll want to pick the appropriate wax for your water.

Waxing Supplies

Now you have your wax, you'll also need a surf comb, I recommend spending the extra dollar on the one with a handle. Also you'll wand some glass cleaner and a Terry cloth.

Removing Old Wax

Now take your wax comb and holding it at a 30 degree angle go from one side to the other in a smooth motion, applying enough pressure to cut through to the bottom layer. Doing this on a beach is fine but be careful not to get sand in the mix, try laying your board on a towel to help with this.

There you have it, your board is clean and clear of that nasty old wax. You can easily clean up after yourself by collecting the scrapings and squishing them into a ball, ready to be put in the trash.

Now you can take your Terry cloth and wipe off any excess wax and your ready to give your board a final clean using the glass cleaner, this will remove any remaining bits of dirt and prepare the surface for the fresh coat of wax.

Adding New Wax

Now we are ready to begin. Firmly gripping the wax gently slide it from one side to the other. Remember not to press too hard, you want to build up your humps slowly. Once you've covered the board in one direction, switch and cross those lines going the other way. This will give you a nice even base layer of wax over your whole board.

You can build up a thicker layer in the spots where you need extra stick by now going over it with a circular motion. Keep going until you notice a nice layer of humps has formed.A short board like mine uses about half a block.

There you have it, nice new coat of wax. I think I'll take it out for a surf. To learn more visit us on the Web at About.com.
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