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Video:Which Stress Relief Methods Work Best for Your Personality?

with Jen D'Amore

Different stress relieving methods are suited for different personalities. Check out these ideas for stress relieving activities that may better suit your style.See Transcript

Transcript:Which Stress Relief Methods Work Best for Your Personality?

Hi I'm Jen D'Amore for About.com, and this video is all about relieving stress. Which stress relieving methods work best for your personality type? We all encounter stress on a regular basis, and hopefully have our own methods to deal with it. But what may work well for one, may not for another. Here are some suggestions based on personality type using Elizabeth Scott's Tips from About.com's Stress Management site.

Stress Relief for the Analytic Personality

If you like analyzing the root of the problem, you would benefit from journaling. Journaling may help you to see clearly the cause of the stress, so that you can work through it and perhaps prevent it in the future. Meditation will also offer this introspective look. As you relax, you may find solutions come more easily than when you're wound up.Other suggestions for this personality type include self-hypnosis, talk it out with a friend, doing artwork, affirmations, learn to say no, and re-assessing areas of self-sabotage.

Stress Relief for the Proactive Person

If you're proactive, and would like to develop healthy habits that prevent stress from developing, you can focus on self-care, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise. Having a balanced mind, body, and spirit, makes you better able to handle stressful situations that may pop up. You can start your day with music, stretching, yoga, a balanced breakfast and a morning walk or whatever makes you feel balanced and ready to face the day.

If you like to get active and blow off steam when you're stressed, you can try Yoga, karate, swimming, or walking. These excerise-based stress relievers help you to release tension and clear your mind.

Stress Relieving Activities

If you like to be distracted from stressful events, try stress-relieving games or books, sports, or mini-vacations. There's nothing wrong with taking your mind off a stressful situation for a while, especially if you'll be able to return to address it feeling refreshed and calm. Fun activities like gardening, drawing, playing music or anything that makes you laugh are healthy ways to re-adjust your mind frame.

Stress Relief for Parents

If you have children, you have a unique set of stressors and responsibilities. It's important for parents to practice two methods of stress management, taking care of yourself in your alone time, and practicing stress management while with the kids. Activities like painting and drawing are great activities that kids can also enjoy. Others include enjoying music together, blowing bubbles, walking or hiking, journaling, yoga, and playing with pets.

If you like using tools, props, and outside resources to deal with stress you may like aromatherapy products, massage wands, desktop fountains, and zen rock gardens, just to name a few. There's no shortage of stress relieving products on the market to choose from.Other quick relievers to calm you down in the moment include taking a breath, taking a walk, taking a mental break, or just reframing your situation.

Any attention or time you give in any form to stress management will benefit you, but knowing what works best with your personality type may help you feel a little less stressed sooner. Thanks for watching, to learn more visit us on the web at About.com.

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