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Video:How to Use Positive Self Talk to Reduce Stress

with Christine Hassler

Want to learn how positive self talk can help to reduce stress? Here, see helpful information about positive self talk.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Positive Self Talk to Reduce Stress

Hi I'm Christine Hassler, I'm a Life Coach, Author and Speaker, here with About.com to teach you how to use positive self-talk to reduce stress. So here are 5 tips that I teach my clients and you can try these too.

Tips for Positive Self Talk to Reduce Stress

The first one is to become an observer of your thoughts. Often times our thoughts are so habitual that we don't even notice how negative our self-talk is. So you can even keep a journal and record your thoughts so you know exactly how positive or negative your self-talk is.

More Tips for Positive Self Talk to Reduce Stress

The second tip I call thought dumping. Often times it's hard to get rid of those negative thoughts so here's a way you can do it. Reserve 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night to dump all those negative thoughts that you want to get rid of. Then the rest of the day you have reserved for positive thinking. And after you write all those negative thoughts down, be sure to tear that paper up or burn it so you can rid yourself of the negative thoughts. The third tip is thought stopping. Often times it's hard to stop the first negative thought but we always have a choice of stopping the second thought.

Notes About Positive Self Talk to Reduce Stress

So when you have that negative thought come in literally think, even say out loud: STOP this is not the direction I want to go with my thoughts, and shift it in a more positive direction. The fourth tip is breaking a pattern and for this you can actually use a rubber band, put it around your wrist and when you notice a negative thought come in give yourself a little reminder to shift to something more positive.

The fifth tip is called reframing. And what you do with this is when you notice a negative thought come in, shift it to something more positive. You don't have to think a totally different thought, just improve on the thought you had. For example if you have the thought “I'm not good enough”, reframe it to “I'm doing the best I can.” You'll automatically start feeling more positive when you reframe your thoughts. So I hope you found these tips helpful. Remember, we can't always control what happens in life, but we can always control what we think about it. So practice those tips so that you can reduce stress by thinking more positively.

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