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Video:How to Make Positive Changes

with Jonathon Stewart

Want to learn how to make positive changes in your life? Here, see tips and tricks for improving your life.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Positive Changes

Stress and depression are two of the biggest de-motivators of all time. They affect people mentally and emotionally and, even worse, can adversely impact physical health. Even in the darkest times when all the news you hear may sound like bad news, there is no time like the present to start making positive changes. Here are a few tips to help get you going in the right direction.

Instructions for Making Positive Changes in Life

Start by thinking about present level of risk to your overall well-being and what forms it may be taking. Poor nutrition and exercise habits, bad relationships, stale or unsatisfying jobs, and unmanaged finances are common examples. Know that the greatest risk, however, comes from avoiding change and maintaining the status quo in situations that breed unhappiness, stress, and frustration.

Tips for Making Positive Changes in Life

There are online tools that can help you pinpoint these areas if they're not immediately obvious to you. You might also consider confiding in a close friend, family member, or well-referenced therapist to help you suss out the gunk. If you feel like you're at the end of your rope already, you can always reach a caring, sympathetic ear at 1-800-273-TALK.

More Tips for Making Positive Changes in Life

Next it's time to insert a little positivity into the process. Start by thinking about what you might gain if you changed your current lifestyle and turned it into something different. What might make you happier in the long run, and what actions can you take immediately to put you on the right path? While change can be a scary prospect, holding these positive end-game images in your mind can help to spur you into action.

Additional Tips for Making Positive Changes in Life

This is where a "better the devil that you know" attitude can keep you grounded in old routines or habits that have created your present, undesirable circumstances. Invest the time to make a plan based on what you've learned about yourself so far. Change isn't always easy, but it is almost always worth it when you're on the other side.

Know that there will always be challenges that crop up on your journey towards positive change, and may even result from your own actions or inactions. Remember to continually reassess your game plan, and know that history does not always repeat itself––let every effort you make be a solid, concerted one at effecting positive change. This is where creating clear objectives and keeping a sharp focus on them is key. If you stay tuned into the way you want your life to be, these images will guide you toward the changes that will do you good, and that you want to see most.

Remember, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel here. Smart advice from others who have already been down the same road you're contemplating can be invaluable assets. Books, articles, lectures, and one-on-one meetings with experts or counselors can often provide just the guidance you'll need.Lastly, have a Plan B, C, and maybe even D if your Plan A isn't working out for you. As my grandfather used to say, there is more than one way to skin a cat, although I definitely hope you're not actually planning to skin any real cats. Whatever you do, don't give up. When it comes to creating positive change, I like to invoke my main man Yoda: "Do or do not. There is no try."

I'm Jonathon Stewart, with About.com.

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