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Video:Password Protect Excel Files

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Keep your Excel workbooks private with a password that you can set up in a few very easy steps. Learn the ins and outs of this useful feature and start using it on your own documents.See Transcript

Transcript:Password Protect Excel Files

Have you ever created an Excel document that you want kept private, but weren't sure how to do it?  In this video, you'll learn how to protect your Microsoft Excel documents with a password. We’ll be using Microsoft Excel 2010 on a Windows 7 PC.   

Getting Started

Before you begin, you may want to create a backup of your Excel file without the password just in case you ever forget the password.  You can keep this file in a separate, secure location. 

Open up the Excel Document you wish to password protect.  Open the file menu, and select Save As.  In the Save As window, click on Tools in the bottom right corner, and then choose General Options.  

Two Options for Password Protection

Here you have two options, password to open and password to modify.  If you select password to modify, anyone will be able to view the document, but they'll need the password to change it.  If you select password to open, you'll need the password to even view the file. 

Type in your password. For this video, we are using the password test 1 as our password to open and test 2 as our password to modify.  We’re using passwords for both, but you can choose either or.  Click OK, and then Excel will prompt you to confirm your passwords.  

Don't Forget Your Password!

After confirming your passwords, simply type your desired file name and click save.  And that's it!  Your Excel file is now protected.   When you attempt to open the password protected file, you'll be prompted for both the open and modify passwords, if you've entered both like us. Or just a single password if you've only entered one!

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