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Video:Merge Spreadsheets in Excel

with Don Schechter

You can easily combine and organize data from different spreadsheets into one Excel spreadsheet. Learn how to merge spreadsheets and automatically update them when you change the individual files.See Transcript

Transcript:Merge Spreadsheets in Excel

Hi! I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today I'll show you how to merge spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel.

Open Excel Sheets to Merge

First open Excel. I'll open three spreadsheets that have the same headers. I want to put all of this information in the same spreadsheet. Create a new spreadsheet by clicking the 'new' icon at the top.

Merge the Separate Spreadsheets

Now go up to 'data' and choose 'consolidate.' A window will open. Choose 'sum' as the function under the drop down menu. Now for the references, click the 'browse' button. Go up to window and choose your first spreadsheet. Click and drag an area with your information in it. Leave lots of room at the bottom. Now click the icon in the consolidation window and then click 'add.' Do the same with your other spreadsheets.

Automatically Update the Merge Spreadsheet

My spreadsheets all have the same headers, so I'll check off 'Use Labels In Top Row and Left Column.' If you plan on changing your data in their individual files, you can check this box so the merged spreadsheet will automatically update when you open it again. Click 'ok.'

Now you can see I have all my information in one spreadsheet. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit
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