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Video:How to Use the COUNT Function in Excel

with Nick Flegg

Using the COUNT function in Excel can make counting the total number of cells in any selection much easier. Watch this video to see how it's done.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use the COUNT Function in Excel

Hi, I'm Nick and today for, I'm going to show you how to use the COUNT function in Excel.

What Does the COUNT Function Do?

The COUNT function is used to count the total number of cells in a specific selection.

Instructions for Using the COUNT Fuction

To use the COUNT function, select the cell in which you wish the total to appear and then enter the formula =count. Within brackets, enter the reference for the cells you wish to count. You can either enter this manually, or use the mouse to select the range. If you enter manually, don't forget to put a colon between the cell references. Once entered, the total figure should automatically appear; in this example, the total is 7, as there are 7 cells selected.

More Instructions for Using the COUNT Function

You can also use the COUNT function to select specific cells, rather than an entire row or column. Simply enter the formula as normal and hold the ctrl key to select individual cells. Notice that individual cells are separated by a comma, rather than a colon.

Functions of COUNT in Excel

The COUNT function is a powerful feature to use in larger spreadsheets, as it will only count cells with number references. This even works across multiple rows and columns. In this example, a total of 20 cells are selected, but only 17 have number references.

Once the COUNT formula has been entered, it will immediately update whenever a change is made to cells in the selected range. This means you don't have to worry about entering the formula again if you need to make changes later on!

Now you know how to use the COUNT function in Excel. For more office tips and tricks, visit

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