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Video:How to Create a Line Graph in Excel

with Nick Richards

Creating a line graph in Excel 2010 is easy, you just need to learn the basic steps! Watch this video to see how it's done.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Create a Line Graph in Excel

Hi, I'm Nick and today for, I'm going to show you how to create a line graph in Excel.

Why Use Line Graphs?

Line graphs are a great way to display data in a way that's quickly digestible and easy on the eye.

Creating Line Graphs in Excel 2010

To create a line graph, highlight the data you want to be turned into a graph and select the 'Insert' ribbon. Select the 'Line' option to gain access to a number of templates. Choose the one which matches your needs and the graph will immediately appear in your spreadsheet. You can move and resize the graph to fit your spreadsheet, if needed.

Design Options for Graphs in Excel

With the graph selected, there are a number of design choices available. In the 'Design' ribbon, you can change the basic templates of the graph from a number of preset options. To add a title to your graph, switch to the 'Layout' ribbon and select 'Chart Title'. This will place a customizable title into your graph, which you can adjust by clicking with the mouse.

Customizing a Graph in Excel

By heading to the 'Home' ribbon, you have access to further customizable options, including text color, size and the specific font you wish to use. Each element of the graph can be altered in the same way. Simply click on the specific part you wish to change to get started!

Changing the Background in Excel

To change the background color of a selected item, open the 'Format' ribbon and choose 'Shape Fill' to gain access to a host of colors and gradients. Again, each different element of the graph is customizable so make sure you go through the whole thing until you get the look you want.

Now you know how to create a line graph in Excel. For more tips and tricks, visit

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