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Video:How to Create a Dropdown Menu in Excel

with Nick Richards

Creating a dropdown menu in Excel can help you organize your information. Watch this video to see instructions for making one.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Create a Dropdown Menu in Excel

Hi, I'm Nick and today for, I'm going to show you how to create a dropdown menu in Excel.

What Are Dropdown Menus in Excel

Dropdown menus are a great way to gather lots of information and store it in a clean and efficient way.

Using Dropdown Menus in Excel

Once your data is entered, click on the cell that you want your dropdown menu to be entered into and then click on the Data ribbon. From here, choose Data Validation, which gives you control of what data gets added to your spreadsheet. Click Data Validation to open a new window.

Inputting the Info for Excel Dropdowns

This is where you input all of the information you want to be included in the drop down menu. Click on the arrow next to the 'Allow' box and choose 'List' from the options that appear. Once selected, highlight the 'Source' option and then select the data you wish to include into your menu. You can either type the formula manually, or use your mouse to select from your spreadsheet. When ready, click OK and your menu will be created!

Click on the arrow next to the cell to open the dropdown menu. Now you can select the specific piece of data you want to display.

Dropdown menus will automatically update whenever information in the selected cells is changed, so don't worry if you need to make minor alterations here or there.

You can tidy the spreadsheet further by hiding the row or column that contains the data, without affecting the dropdown menu. Hide a row or column by right-clicking and selecting the 'hide' option.

Now you know how to create dropdown menus in Excel. For more office tips and tricks, visit

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