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Video:Find and Replace in Excel

with Don Schechter

Get some help navigating large spreadsheets with the find and replace function in Microsoft Excel. You can also use it to check for duplicates.See Transcript

Transcript:Find and Replace in Excel

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today I'll show you how to find and replace data in Microsoft Excel.

Open the Spreadsheet

Open Microsoft Excel. I'll open a saved spreadsheet.

I accidentally typed the wrong name for this row of data. If my Excel sheet was much longer and repeated names, instead of going through and finding each one, I would go to edit and choose replace.

Find the Data

I'll type in the name I want to find, and click 'find all.' And there you see, in cell A6, the name I was looking for, Don S.

In the 'replace with' box, I'll type the correct name, Rachel G. Click on the 'options' button. I can search within the sheet or workbook, or I can search by rows or columns.

Replace the Data

Clicking 'replace all' will replace all the places where it says Don S. with the correct name. If I click 'replace,' the name will be replaced just in the cell I selected.

Since there is only one cell that has Don S., I will click 'replace.' Now the correct name is in the cell. Click 'close' on the replace window.

Find Duplicates in the Spreadsheet

Say I want to find certain numerical data in my spreadsheet. I'll go to 'edit' then 'find,' and now type in the number I'm looking for.

This time I want to find 46. As you can see, I have two entries that have the value 46. Click 'next' to see where the other one is.

Search by Background Color

Say I want to find a numeric value that has a certain background color. Click the format dropdown menu, and click on 'format.'

Click on the Pattern tab, and I'll choose the light green color. Click 'OK.' Now when I click find all it will only find that number with that color background.

Use the Go To Tool

Another handy tool is the Go To box. If I want to find all the blank cells in my spreadsheet, I'd go to 'edit,' and select 'go to.' I'll click 'special.'

You can see all the different things I can find. Right now, I just want to find the blank cells, so I'll click 'blanks' and then 'ok.' Now all of the blank cells have been highlighted.

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