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Video:Find, Replace Data in Excel

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Finding and replacing data in Excel is a quick way of navigating spreadsheets and consolidating information. This video will show you the quickest way to use the Find and Replace function in Excel.See Transcript

Transcript:Find, Replace Data in Excel

Today, I'm going to tell you how to find and replace entries in Microsoft Excel.

Sometimes Excel spreadsheets get too big for you to search on your own for specific entries. Things might be too similar or there might just be too many entries.

Finding Data in Excel

Finding things in excel is very simple. Either you can go to the home tab and click "Find and select" under the editing box and then choose "Find", or you can hit Control + F on your keyboard. From there, you can type what you're looking for.

For our example, we're looking for a person named "Tom". Next, you click "Find next" and then you're at the entry. Or you can click "Find all" and Excel will highlight all the entries with that specific search term.

Replacing Data in Excel

Once again, start at the home tab and then click "Find" and select under the editing box, then instead of choosing "Find", choose "Replace". Or, once again, you can just hit Control + F on your keyboard and select "Replace".

In this example, let's replace the "Steve" entry with "Tom". First we type in "Steve" in search and then "Tom" in the replace field. This will replace the next "Steve" entry with "Tom" or the currently selected "Steve" entry if it's currently highlighted. If you click "Replace all", all entries for "Steve" will be replaced with "Tom".

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