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Video:How to Make Charts in Microsoft Excel

with Don Schechter

In Microsoft Excel you can easily organize your data with customized charts. See how to format Excel charts with just a few clicks.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Charts in Microsoft Excel

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for About.com Computing. Today, I'll show you how to format a chart in Microsoft Excel.

Getting Started

  • Open Microsoft Excel
  • CLICK File / Open
  • CLICK Chart / Chart Type
  • SELECT Chart Type
I can move around my chart and resize by clicking and dragging a corner handle. If I need to edit any of the titles or text in the legend, just click on it and type your corrections.

3D Chart

  • CLICK Chart / 3D View
  • SELECT dialog box you want
  • CLICK on arrows to change perspective, elevation and rotation of bars
  • CLICK on plot area and use the handles to change the angle of the chart

Changing Color

  • DOUBLE CLICK on any of the bars
  • CHANGE color when format data window pops up
If there s anything else you want to change on your chart, you can always get back to the chart options or chart types windows from the toolbar.

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