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Video:How to Adjust Tabs in Microsoft Excel

with Don Schechter

Microsoft Excel tabs make organizing different data worksheets easy while keeping them in just one file. See how to format and manage the tabs in Excel.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Adjust Tabs in Microsoft Excel

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today I'm going to help you manage your sheet tabs in Microsoft Excel. Sheet tabs enables you to create several different sheets with data and charts in one file.

Find the Excel Tabs

I'll open up an Excel document. At the bottom of each new document there are three tabs named Sheet 1, 2, and 3 respectively. I can click on any one of these tabs and it will take me to a new sheet. I can change the order of the tabs by selecting one and then dragging it to the end of the line.

Hide the Excel Tabs

To hide all of the tabs, go to 'tools' in the menu bar and then click 'options.' In the view tab, deselect 'sheet tabs' under 'window options.' You can also hide the tabs by clicking the vertical bar next the horizontal scroll bar and dragging it to the left.

Format Individual Excel Tabs

Now I'll deal with tabs individually. Select one of the tabs and then go up to 'format,' and then 'sheet.' Here you have a few options. You can hide the individual sheet by clicking 'hide' or you can change the background, tab color, or tab name. Select 'tab color.' Select a color from the pop-up window and then click 'OK.'

You can also make any changes by right-clicking any of the tabs. You can change the color, rename a tab, or delete it. To rename a tab, select 'rename' and then type in what you want in the space provided. You can also do this by going up to 'Insert' and then clicking 'worksheet or chart.'

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