How to Do Plyometrics Training for the Upper Body Video
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Video:How to Do Plyometrics Training for the Upper Body

with Michelle Beaumont

In this video, our expert demonstrates and gives tips for plyometric training for the upper body. See how to do plyometric training for the upper body on your own.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do Plyometrics Training for the Upper Body

Hi! I am Michelle with

Plyometrics Training for the Upper Body

I am here today with demonstrating upper body plyometrics. We are going to begin with the basic platform; it can be a step, any size.

Plyometrics for Shoulder and Wrist Alignment

You will begin by lengthening your arms so that your shoulders and wrists are in alignment. Separate your feet about hip distance apart. The more distance you get, the easier this position becomes. The closer in, the more advanced. Hold your navel tight to keep a nice lock in your core, and don't allow your hips to wiggle. You want to tap your arms right and left, right and left, with barely touching your fingertips down. You can pick up the pace, but if you go slower, it requires more muscle. What you can do is either time it for 30 seconds to a minute, or write down the repetitions you did, the next time hopefully you can do more.

Plyometrics Through the Plank Position

The next exercise is similar, you're going to get back into that plank position, again, proper alignment and you will come up, up, down, down. What I like to do is alternate after maybe 10, 20 repetitions with the right leading. I might go to the left and lead with the left. Again, holding the core nice and tight is the key. You can write down your count or again time it with 30 seconds to a minute.

Plyometrics Through Pop Pushups

The next plyometrics is an upper body plyometric called a pop pushup. We are going to move the platform for this and go right into a pushup position. While you are in the pushup position, you will press up with all of your power and snap into a straight arm position. You will fall right back down and push right back up. Again, it's up to you to time yourself or count how many repetitions you can fulfill.

Those are just a few upper body plyometrics exercises. For more information, please visit

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