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Video:3 Ankle Strengthening Exercises

with JJ Flizanes

Ankle strengthening exercises are extremely uncomplicated and can be done really easily. This About.com video will show you how to do three great ankle strengthening exercises.See Transcript

Transcript:3 Ankle Strengthening Exercises

Hi, I'm author, speaker and trainer JJ Flizanes of JJFlizanes.com. And I'm here to speak to you today on behalf of About.com to teach you ankle strengthening exercises. 

Ankle Strengthening Exercises: Tree

The first exercise to start strengthening your ankle is a balance exercise called the tree. You're going to start with your feet hip width apart and transfer your body weight to one leg. Lift the other leg off the floor and rest your foot against your ankle. If this is too easy, lift your leg a little bit higher. Hold this position for 60-90 seconds. This is activating all of the muscles of the ankle, and the calf, and the leg and the hip.

Ankle Strengthening Exercises: Heel Raise

The second exercise to start strengthening your ankles would be a heel raise. This is using your calf muscles to lift your body up and over your toes. This is also a balancing exercise. If you have a hard time balancing, you can use a chair or a table to help you with your balance. Start by transferring your body weight towards your toes. As you do that, you're going to contract your calves and lift your body in the air.

Be sure and be careful not to rotate your ankles as you're doing this. I would recommend using a mirror. Lower down slowly, keeping your body weight forward on your toes. Repeat this, using two counts to pull yourself up, and two counts to lower. Only go as high as is comfortable and something you can maintain.

Ankle Strengthening Exercises: Toe Raise

The third exercise to strengthen your ankle is a toe raise. Start by transferring your body weight to one side and kicking out your leg in front of you locking your knee. You're going to use your tibialis anterior, which is your shin muscle, to lift your toes off the ground.

I would recommend starting with an isometric and holding this for 60 seconds. Once the isometric is through then I would do some toe taps, very slow, with control, making sure you're not rotating your ankle as you're lifting it and lowering it. I would start with 10-20 reps on each side. If that's too easy add a second set.

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