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Video:See a Photo Facial

with Chasity Hester

Photo facials have a few different steps than regular ones. See what happens during a photo facial, and why you'll need to wear goggles.See Transcript

Transcript:See a Photo Facial

Hi, My name is Chasity Hester. I’m a physicians assistant at Be Medi Spa in Lexington, Kentucky for Today I’m going to demonstrate a photo facial.

What Is a Photo Facial?

Photo facial is known by many different terms. IPL, which stands for intense pulse light, photo rejuvenation, BBL or Broad Band Light, are all the same term for photo facial. Photo facials are meant to target brown spots, pigmentation broken capillaries, and also as a side effect, it tends to build collagen. It stimulates collagen under the skin for a more healthy, youthful look.

Prepping the Face

Step one is to cleanse the patients face. We’ve already done so. Our second step is to apply cold clear ultrasound gel. This is not only for the patients comfort, but also to allow the sapphire tip light guide to glide along the face without any complication.

Goggles During Photo Facials

The photo facial procedure uses many different levels of filtered light. Although this light is safe, it is recommended you use goggles or protection during the procedure, unlike a laser light, which is a single beam of light that is a different wavelength. And we’re going to apply goggles. I’m going to wear goggles myself to protect my vision during the procedure.

Photo Facial Discomfort

We’ve chosen a setting based on the patient’s on this patient's skin type and color. We’re going to do a test-spot first, and we like for you to tell us on a scale from one to ten the discomfort that you are feeling. Generally a patient should not feel more than a five on a scale from one to ten. The tip on the light guide is also cold, and this allows for more patient comfort during the procedure also. We are going to do a test spot just in front of your ear. You are going to feel the cold against your skin. And that was a two, so we’re going to stay at that setting and continue her treatment. Generally as you come near the eye and cheek area, it is going to get a little more intense. It’s also going to be a little brighter under the eye here. Generally as we do this, it really stimulates more collagen.

Photo Facial Results

People notice more of a clarity to the skin. Sometimes you have to do four to six treatments to get the final result, but even after one treatment there can be a dramatic improvement. So we’ve done one side of the face, we will continue on the left cheek, forehead, nose and upper lip area to complete the treatment. Also patients will sometimes choose to do their necks, chests and backs of their hands. Those are very popular areas for this particular treatment.

And that is how you perform a photo facial. Thanks for watching. Please visit us at
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