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Video:Etiquette in the Spa Changing Room

with Jonathon Stewart

Want to learn about the etiquette for the spa changing room before you have your first spa experience? Here see helpful information.See Transcript

Transcript:Etiquette in the Spa Changing Room

A spa treatment is a luxurious indulgence that soothes away stress and eases frayed nerves – for some. For others, the thought of disrobing for a treatment and possibly being seen naked is as horrifying as it gets. However, knowing a few spa etiquette basics can put the Zen back into your spa experience.Basic spa etiquette is fairly similar in the spa world.

Information About Etiquette in the Spa Changing Room

After you arrive for a treatment, you are given a robe and a place to change. Some spas have private rooms. Others offer common changing areas. No matter what the situation is at your spa of choice, there are two things that will make both you and other spa patrons comfortable – knowledge and consideration.

Etiquette in the Spa Changing Room

Knowledge is indeed power, and the way to feel empowered at a spa is to do a little research ahead of time. Either check out the spa’s website or simply pick up the phone. Nudity policies can vary widely, depending on the spa and its location. Knowing what’s expected ahead of time will make your visit a lot more enjoyable.Generally, nudity at spas is much more common in Europe than it is in the US. In places where nudity is acceptable, there are usually signs or other clear indications that designate clothing optional areas. When in doubt, ask a spa employee. They want to ensure that every client feels comfortable during their spa retreat.

Whether it is acceptable to let it all hang out or keep it under wraps, consideration is essential. Even if you’re wearing a robe and in a common area, be careful how you sit, guys especially. Undergarments are optional under those robes, and other spa patrons might not appreciate a display of your natural wonders.

More Information About Spa Etiquette

Consideration extends to your therapist as well. Massage and spa therapists are professionals who are trained to treat clients with respect and dignity. Any reputable spa makes sure that only the areas of your body being treated are exposed. They also will not tolerate any lewd or sexual behavior regardless of nudity policies.

Just remember, the purpose of a spa treatment is to relax and enjoy, not to see or be seen. If you respect your spa’s policies and your own comfort level, not only will you have a great spa experience, but those around you will, too.

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