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Video:Learn Spanish: How to Conjugate Ver in Preterite Tense

with Milo De Prieto

Learn how to conjugate ver in preterite tense so you can speak Spanish with proper grammar. Here are tips for conjugating ver in preterite tense, along with examples in daily conversation.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Spanish: How to Conjugate Ver in Preterite Tense

Hola, I'm Milo for About.com and today we're talking about conjugating the verb ver, to see, in the preterite tense, or simple past. Ver is not a regular verb in the preterite tense.

Conjugation of Ver in Preterite Tense

  • yo vi: I saw
  • tú vistes: you (informal) saw
  • usted vio: you (formal) saw / él/ella vio: he, she saw
  • nosotros vimos: we saw
  • vosotros visteis: you (plural Spain informal) saw
  • ustedes vieron: you (plural Latin America, Spain formal) saw / ellos/ellas vieron: they saw

Ver changes its root then adds a slightly different ending then the typical preterite tense. As always there are helpful patterns. Remember, because the subject is embedded in the verb, you can drop it.

Examples of Ver in Preterite Tense in Daily Use

Ayer vi las primeras obras de Picasso en una exposición temporal cerca de su colección permanente. Yesterday I saw Picasso's early work at a temporary exhibit near his permanent collection.

¿Vistes a Scarlett Johanssen en el Bar Marseille cuando ella estaba aquí rodando, no? You saw Scarlet Johanssen at the Marseille Bar when she was here filming didn't you?

¿Vio la película James Bond, Goldfinger en teatro cuando salió la primera vez? Did you see the movie James Bond, Goldfinger in the theater when it first came out?

Vio muchas celebridades cuando trabajaba en Santa Eulalia en Paseo de Gracia. She saw so many celebrities when she worked at Santa Eulalia on Paseo de Gracia.

More Examples of Ver in Preterite Tense in Sentences

Visteis el musical Wicked conmigo, ¿no os recordais? You both saw the musical Wicked with me, remember?

¿Vieron la supernova más joven con sus propios ojos? Did you see the youngest supernova with your own eyes?

Vieron el partido de primera mano en palcos en el estadio. They saw the game first hand in box seats in the stadium.

Continue practicing and soon you will be speaking with confidence in no time. For more information on Spanish, check us out at About.com.

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