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Video:Learn Spanish: How to Conjugate Ver in Present Tense

with Milo De Prieto

Learn to conjugate ver in present tense so that you can speak Spanish properly. Here are some tips for conjugating ver in present tense.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Spanish: How to Conjugate Ver in Present Tense

Hola, I'm Milo for About.com and today we're talking about conjugating the verb ver, to see, in the present tense. For the most part, ver is a regular verb, following the patterns as you would expect.

Conjugation of Ver in Present Tense

  • yo veo: I see
  • tú ves: you (informal) see
  • usted ve: you (formal) see / él/ella ve: he, she sees
  • nosotros vemos: we see
  • vosotros véis: you (plural Spain informal) see
  • ustedes ven: you (plural Latin America, Spain formal) see / ellos/ellas ven: they see

Remember, because the subject is embedded in the verb, you can drop it.

Examples of Ver in Present Tense in Sentences

Te veo. I see you.

¿Ves a Marco? Do you see Marco?

Ella ve a dos pacientes por hora. She sees 2 patients an hour.

Cada martes vemos a nuestros amigos en la plaza para tomar un café. Each Tuesday we see our friends in the plaza for a coffee.

Véis a vuestros abuelos este fin de semana, no? You see your grandparents this weekend, right?

Gerund Form of Ver in Present Tense

The gerund of ver is viendo. It is not used the same as in English, where the gerund can be the noun version of the verb; in Spanish that is usually the infinitive. Typically in Spanish the gerund is used with the "estar" form of the "to be" verb.

  • estoy viendo: I am seeing
  • estás viendo: you (informal) are seeing
  • está viendo: you (formal) are seeing / está viendo: he, she is seeing
  • estamos viendo: we are seeing
  • estáis viendo: you (plural Spain informal) are seeing
  • están viendo: you (plural Latin America, Spain formal) are seeing / están viendo: they are seeing

Examples of the Gerund Form of Ver in Present Tense

Estoy viendo una peli. I'm watching a movie.

Estás viendo la luna. You are seeing the moon.

Estamos viendo los fuegos artificiales desde el balcón. We're watching the fireworks from the balcony.

Están viendo dos musicales en Londres. They are seeing 2 musicals in London.

Continue practicing and soon you will be speaking with confidence in no time. For more information on Spanish, check us out at About.com.

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