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Video:Learn Spanish: How to Conjugate Poner in Present Tense

with Milo De Prieto

Learn how to conjugate poner in present tense so that you can properly use this Spanish verb. Here are tips for conjugating poner in present tense.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Spanish: How to Conjugate Poner in Present Tense

Hola, I'm Milo for About.com and today we're talking about conjugating the verb poner, to put, to lay, or to place, in the present tense. Poner can also mean to put on clothes or to turn on something, like the TV. If you think about it there are a lot of idiomatic phrases like this in English as well, so it makes sense.

Conjugation of Poner in Present Tense

Poner is almost a regular verb in the present tense, except for "yo," first person singular.

  • yo pongo: I put
  • tú pones: you (informal) put
  • usted pone: you (formal) put / él/ella pone: he, she, it puts
  • nosotros ponemos: we put
  • vosotros ponéis: you (plural Spain informal) put
  • ustedes ponen: you (plural Latin America, Spain formal) put / ellos/ellas ponen: they put

For yo, simply add a g; you'll see this often. Remember, because the subject is embedded in the verb, you can drop it.

Examples of Poner in Present Tense in Sentences

Pongo la camiseta roja. I wear the read shirt.

¿Pones el libro encima de la mesa? Did you put the book on top of the table?

¿Dónde pone las llaves? Where did she put the keys?

Ponen su confianza en la policia. They put their trust in the police.

Gerund Form of Poner in Present Tense

The gerund of poner is poniendo. It is not used the same as in English, where the gerund can be the noun version of the verb; in Spanish that is usually the infinitive. Typically in Spanish the gerund is used with the estar form of the "to be" verb.

  • estoy poniendo: I am putting
  • estás poniendo: you (informal) are putting
  • está poniendo: you (formal) are putting / está poniendo: he, she, it is putting
  • estamos poniendo: we are putting
  • estáis poniendo: you (plural Spain informal) are putting
  • están poniendo: you (plural Latin America, Spain formal) are putting / están poniendo: they are putting

Examples of Gerund Form of Poner in Present Tense

Estoy poniendo la tele. I'm turning on the TV.

Estás poniendo tu vestido nuevo. You're wearing your new dress.

¿Está poniendo el archivo en mi cuenta? Are you putting the file into my account?

Estamos poniendo los uniformes amarillos para este partido. We are wearing the yellow uniforms for this game.

¿Estáis poniendo todos los deberes aquí? Are you putting all the homework here?

Están poniendo la mesa. They are setting the table.

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