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Video:Learn Spanish: How to Conjugate Poner in Future Tense

with Milo De Prieto

Learn how to conjugate poner in future tense so that you can properly use this Spanish verb. Here are tips for conjugating poner in future tense.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Spanish: How to Conjugate Poner in Future Tense

Hola, I'm Milo for About.com and today we're talking about conjugating the verb poner, to put, to place, to turn on, in the future tense.

Conjugation of Poner in Future Tense

Poner is almost a regular verb in the future tense. Except for changing the root, you use the same endings you would for regular verbs.

  • yo pondré: I will put
  • tú pondrás: you (informal) will put
  • usted pondrá: you (formal) will put / él/ella pondrá: he, she will put
  • nosotros pondremos: we will put
  • vosotros pondréis: you (plural Spain informal) will put
  • ustedes pondrán: you (plural Latin America, Spain formal) will put / ellos/ellas pondrán: they will put

Tips for Conjugating Poner in Future Tense

The future tense is one of the simplest to remember as it is the same for all verb endings er, ir, and ar. Notice how for poner you exchange the e for a d and then add the regular endings for the future tense. Remember, because the subject is embedded in the verb, you can drop it.

Examples of Poner in Future Tense in Sentences

Pondré el sofa en el salon. I will put the sofa in the living room.

¿Pondrás las llaves encima de la mesa del comedor? Will you put the keys on the dining room table?

¿Usted pondrá los libros aquí o en la biblioteca? Will you put the books here or in the library?

El pondrá la tele cuando llegue a casa. He will turn on the TV when he gets home.

More Examples of Poner in Future Tense

Pondremos nuestra fe en la guía. We will put our faith in the guide.

¿Vosotros pondréis vuestros bañadores antes de llegar a la fiesta en la piscina? Will you wear your swimsuit before going to the pool party?

Se pondrán sus mejores trajes para la cena. They will put on their best suits for the dinner.

Continue practicing and soon you will be speaking with confidence in no time. For more information on Spanish, check us out at About.com.

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