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Video:Learn Spanish: How to Conjugate Oir in Present Tense

with Milo De Prieto

Learn to conjugate oir in present tense so that you can properly use this important Spanish verb. Here are tips for conjugating oir in present tense.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Spanish: How to Conjugate Oir in Present Tense

Hola, I'm Milo for About.com and today we're talking about conjugating the verb oír, to hear, in the present tense. As a quick note, "to listen" is escuchar -- the difference in the two words is the same as in English.

Conjugation of Oír in Present Tense

Oír is not quite a regular verb but you'll see that it follows some helpful patterns.

  • yo oigo: I hear
  • tú oyes: you (informal) hear
  • usted oye: you (formal) hear / él/ella oye: he, she, it hears
  • nosotros oímos: we hear
  • vosotros oís: you (plural Spain informal) hear
  • ustedes oyen: you (plural Latin America, Spain formal) hear / ellos/ellas oyen: they hear

You see that oír needs an extra letter, "e," in some conjugations to follow the pattern of a regular verb, changing the i to y. For yo the extra letter is g; you'll see this often. Remember, because the subject is embedded in the verb, you can drop it.

Examples of Oír in Present Tense in Sentences

¿Oyes esta música? Do you hear this music?

Te oigo. I hear you.

¿Me oyes ahora? Do you hear me now?

Oye las campanas. He hears the bells.

¿Oís las noticias? Did you (informal plural) hear to the news?

Esos perros oyen sonidos muy suaves. Those dogs hear very soft sounds.

Gerund Form of Oír in Present Tense

The gerund of oír is oyendo. It is not used the same as in English, where the gerund can be the noun version of the verb; in Spanish that is usually the infinitive. Typically in Spanish the gerund is used with the "estar" form of the "to be" verb.

  • estoy oyendo: I am hearing
  • estás oyendo: you (informal) are hearing
  • está oyendo: you (formal) are hearing / está oyendo: he, she, it is hearing
  • estamos oyendo: we are hearing
  • estáis oyendo: you (plural Spain informal) are hearing
  • están oyendo: you (plural Latin America, Spain formal) are hearing / están oyendo: they are hearing

Examples of Gerund Form of Oír in Present Tense

Estoy oyendo el mar en la concha. I'm hearing the sea in the shell.

Está oyendo el coche. He is hearing the car.

Estamos oyendo a los vecinos. We are hearing the neighbors.

Estáis oyendo el trueno. You (informal plural) are hearing the thunder.

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