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Video:Tips on Using Chicken in Casseroles

with Abby Feldman

Want to learn some great tips for using chicken in casseroles? Here, see helpful information about including chicken in casseroles.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips on Using Chicken in Casseroles

Chicken casseroles are great because they're simple, quick to make and they taste great; but, that doesn't mean you can't screw it up. Hi, I'm Abby Feldman and today I'm going to give you a few pointers to help you get the most out of your chicken casseroles.

Basics Tips on Using Chicken in Casseroles

One problem many people face when making a chicken casserole is dry chicken. Leaving your food in the oven for too long will suck all the moisture right out of your meat. Many recipes will ask you to leave your casserole in the oven for 30 minutes or until bubbling. I can't stress until bubbling enough. Be sure to check on your food often, and remove it from the oven as soon as you see bubbles. This will ensure your chicken is tasty and succulent.

Other Basics Tips on Using Chicken in Casseroles

A recipe will usually tell you whether or not it requires you to cover the casserole as it's cooking. This is vital to ensuring the correct moisture level of your food. However, if you try cooking a casserole and it comes out too dry or too moist, experiment with covering and uncovering the casserole respectively.A recipe may not call for you to grease your casserole dish because the mixture will be wet enough; but, it's never a bad idea to grease your dish anyway to avoid burning the inside of your food.

Additional Tips on Using Chicken in Casseroles

Sometimes a chicken casserole recipe will call specifically for chicken breast. But casseroles are great dishes for getting rid of leftovers, so if you have some extra dark meat from last night, don't be afraid to use it instead of the light meat the recipe calls for.Sometimes a chicken casserole recipe will ask you to use milk or soup. If you're watching your waistline or sodium intake, don't be afraid to use fat free milk or sodium free soup and so forth.

Many chicken casserole recipes call for you to precook your binder. For binders like pasta or rice, undercook them slightly so that they're edible but still chewy. This is because while your casserole is baking, it'll cook your binder even more. If you compensate with undercooked pasta or rice, you'll end up with the best consistency. Casseroles are great because you can make them in advance. Just make sure you don't actually cook them in advance. Assemble all your ingredients in your casserole dish and then freeze the whole thing. The night before you want to cook it, be sure to thaw it out in the refrigerator.

And those are all the tips I have for you today. I hope I've given you a few pointers that will make your recipes even better.

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