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Video:Tips for Making Crisps

with Stephanie Gallagher

Learn great tips for making crisps before you attempt another of these desserts at home. Here, learn the best tips for making crisps.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Making Crisps

Hi, I'm Stephanie Gallagher for, and today, I'll share with you some tips for making fruit crisps.

What Is a Crisp?

Now a fruit crisp is just a baked fruit dessert, like a pie, but instead of a pastry shell, it has a crunchy streusel topping.You can make fruit crisps with just about any type of fruit, from blueberries to peaches to grapes or even a combination of fruits, like raspberries and strawberries. You'll need about 5-6 cups of fruit for a 2-quart baking dish. Add a little sugar to the fruit, I usually use 2-4 tablespoons, depending on how sweet the fruit is to begin with. If I'm using sweet berries, I might use less than if I were using something like Granny Smith apples.

Smart Tips for Making Crisps

You'll also want to add some sort of thickener, like flour or cornstarch to give the filling a pie-like consistency and to keep the fruit from leaking out when you dish out the crisp. A few tablespoons of flour or cornstarch is usually sufficient - just make sure you mix it in completely before turning the fruit into the dish.

Topping for a Crisp

The topping for a crisp can be any type of streusel topping. At its most basic, all you need is flour, sugar and butter. But most fruit crisps also add something else for texture and flavor, such as rolled oats, pecans or walnuts or coconut. When you're making a fruit crisp, make sure the baking dish is buttered or sprayed with cooking spray before you pour in the fruit. That keeps the fruit from sticking to the dish after it's baked. You want to put on a rather generous layer of topping, but I like to have some spots that aren't covered with topping. I think it adds to the character of the crisp, and it lets you see the fruit get nice and bubbly under the crisp after it's baked.

Finishing a Crisp

Finally, finish off your fruit crisp with homemade whipped cream or my personal favorite, vanilla ice cream.Thanks for watching. For more great tips just like these, join us on the web at
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