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Video:Quick Tips: How to Shred Cheese

with Gina Miller

Learn how to shred cheese quickly so that you've always got freshly grated cheese on hand for pizza and pasta dishes. Here is a quick tip on how to shred cheese.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tips: How to Shred Cheese

Hi I'm Gina Miller here with an About.com Food quick tip: how to quickly shred cheese. Today I'll show you three methods.

Hand Graters Work Well to Shred Cheese Quickly

First, a standard hand-held cheese grater. This is great for large pieces of cheese. You can quickly shred two different sizes by rubbing the cheese across the sharp holes.

Second, a Small Grater. This is a quick way to shred a little bit of cheese. This works best with Parmesan.

A Food Processor Is the Easiest Way to Shred Cheese Quickly

Finally a food processor. This is the best way to shred a large amount of cheese very quickly. Simply place the cheese in the processor, press the button and you're done.

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