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Video:How to Stew and Freeze Tomatoes

with Jesse Rosado

Stew and freeze tomatoes to preserve their ripe summer flavor. Learn how to stew and freeze a tomatoes with these simple stepsSee Transcript

Transcript:How to Stew and Freeze Tomatoes

Hi! This is Jesse Rosado for, and today we're talking about how to stew and freeze tomatoes.

Preserve the Tomatoes Ripe Flavor

All you need for this project is tomatoes, a pot, and a pot of ice water. The reason why we're doing this is we're trying to lock in summer flavor while tomatoes are abundant, so we can use them later. The first thing we're going to do while we're getting our water boiling is we're going to make a little X cut in the tomato here, right at the bottom. You go about a third of the way through.Now its time to blanch the tomatoes, so I'm going to go ahead and drop these into the boiling water. Those are just going to be in there for about 45 seconds or so. Now I'm going to take these out of the boiling water and drop them into our ice bath. You can really see that the skin is already coming away from the tomato there; same for this one.

Peel the Tomato Skin

Now that we have our tomatoes in the ice bath, they're cool to the touch. It's time to remove our skin. The reason that we're doing that is that the skin of this tomato will become tough and discolor.Now that we've got it to this stage, we're going to go ahead and quarter them and take out the seeds and white parts on the inside.So now it's time to take our tomato filets and put them through the stewing process, which is basically putting them in this pan for 10 minutes or so, covered on medium heat, and let them stew in there. At this time it's worth it to consider what you're going to use this for. If you're going to use them for, say, a marinara, you might want to get them while they're stewing with some dried basil or oregano. If you're going to use them in a Mexican salsa, maybe you'll use a little Mexican oregano.It's time to cool our tomatoes down, they're already stewed. I'm going to pour them into this bowl and use our ice bath from earlier. I'm going to dip this bowl into our ice bath. The coldness will transfer to the bowl and cool the contents down very quickly.

Freeze Tomatoes in Air Tight Container

Now that we've got our tomatoes shocked down to room temperature, we're going to go ahead and pour it into an airtight freezer container. You don't want to have air in contact with the contents of our freezer container because then you'll get freezer burn. So we're going to put a thin layer of plastic wrap right over the top and then seal the top on tight. These will store well in your freezer for about three months or so. When you're ready to use them, go ahead and thaw them ahead of time in your refrigerator. They'll thaw out nice and slowly and be ready to use.

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