How to Make Creamy Crockpot Crab Dip Video
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Video:How to Make Creamy Crockpot Crab Dip

with Ellen Adams

Crab dip made in a crock pot is a delicious party recipe, which is also incredibly easy to prepare. With a few ingredients and enough time to let it cook, this crock pot crab dip is a definite crowd pleaser.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Creamy Crockpot Crab Dip

Hi I'm Ellen Adams for and today I'm making crock pot crab dip.

Mix Ingredients for the Crab Dip Together

I have a pound of lump crab meat. You can use lump crab meat, add 3/4 cup of mayonnaise. I have one small onion that's minced up and I have 2 tablespoons apple juice and 8 ounce package of cream cheese. Now I've taken this out of the refrigerator and let soften up a little bit  to really fold into our crab. Fold this mayonnaise and cream cheese and onion right into the the bottom and folded over as best as you can.

Cook the Crab Dip on Low for a Few Hours

The next step is to get it into our crock pot. Once it's in our crock pot, stir pretty easily and get it as best incorporated as you can. At this point the next step is to add it to our crock pot. You can just dump it in there. Put the lid on and put it on low for about 4 hours. It's nice and hot and bubbly. To take it to a party, it will hold for about 2 hours in this crock pot. So your guest are really going to like this you can put the hot dip on a cracker, you can serve on bread. Delicious crock pot crab spread.

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