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Video:5 Ways to Spice Up Mashed Sweet Potatoes

with Nadia Chapman

Bored with your old, authentic family recipe of mashed sweet potatoes? Here are 5 original ideas that will bring this traditional dish back to life. Enjoy your new mashed sweet potatoes dishes!See Transcript

Transcript:5 Ways to Spice Up Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Hello everyone, I'm Nadia Chapman for Are you looking for new ways to spice up your family recipe of mashed sweet potatoes? Well, today I have 5 fun and easy ways to flavor this famous dish. Take a look at these original recipes from our Food site!

Sweeter Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipes

Today, I am not giving specific amounts of ingredients to add to your mashed sweet potatoes, but instead, I am giving ideas of flavors to add to your basic recipe. If you wish to follow a specific recipe, and want to get proper measurements, please consult our mashed sweet potatoes recipes on the Food site! For a sweeter twist to your already sweet potatoes, try adding maple syrup, cinnamon to taste, half and half, butter, and a little salt! How about adding a zesty flavor to those potatoes? Mix some orange juice when mashing your potatoes, some orange zest, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, and ground ginger.

More Flavorful Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipes

For the perfect harvest dish to serve during the Thanksgiving season, add butter, apples or apple sauce, some apple juice, and brown sugar to taste to your mashed sweet potatoes! Feeling a bit exotic? Add coconut milk, ground ginger, ground curry, olive oil or margarine, and salt and pepper to your sweet potatoes and enjoy this original taste! If you don't feel that adventurous with your sweet potatoes, just stick with other familiar ingredients that will change the taste but keep your dish more traditional. Add a fair amount of butter, a good amount of cream, some cinnamon, salt and pepper, and you will get some delicious creamy sweet potatoes to serve! Hope this brings originality and flavor to your cuisine!

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