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Video:What is a Slopestyle Competition?

with Charlie McKeague

Slopestyle competition is one of the most popular events in the Winter X Games where the goal is to perform difficult tricks while getting maximum air. This About.com video explains more about a Slopestyle competition.See Transcript

Transcript:What is a Slopestyle Competition?

Hey I'm Charlie McKeague for About.com. Today we're talking winter action sports and explaining what a Slopestyle competition is.

What is Slopestyle?

Slopestyle is an event in which riders complete a series of jumps and rails while performing a combination of complex tricks. The competition is typically held in a mountain's terrain park. A panel of judges watch and judge a riders run based on landings, amplitude, degree of difficulty, and style among others. Riders usually get at least two runs through the course for judges to evaluate. Basically the rider who can perform the tricks with the highest degree of difficulty making it look the easiest usually wins.

The event was first made popular by snowboarders in the Winter X Games, and will make its debut for both skiers and snowboarders in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Slopestyle Tricks

The tricks performed during a Slopestyle competition are spins, grabs, grinds, and flips. A spin is when a rider rotates his or her body in mid air over a jump or while going on and off of a rail. Grabs are when a rider holds onto a certain part of his ski or snowboard. Usually these are performed while spinning. Grinds are when a rider slides his ski or snowboard across a rail. Riders will perform spins on and off of the rail making a grind more technical.

Riders can also choose which part of their ski or boards they want on the rail like a nose slide or tail slide. Flips are also very common during Slopestyle. Riders have progressed to the point where one flip doesn't cut it. Double flips and flips with spins are more common. The combination of tricks is seemingly endless.

Slopestyle Terrain

The terrain used during a Slopestyle competition consists of a series of jumps and rails. The jumps range anywhere from 20-100 feet, and the rails come in all shapes and sizes.

And that was a look at what a Slopestyle competition is, for more information on winter action sports or the X Games go to About.com


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