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Holiday Valley Ski Resort

Video:Use a Chairlift when Snowboarding

with Mike Doyle and Ken Morisseau

Before you hit the slopes for a day of snowboarding, you need to make it to the top of the mountain. We'll show you how to properly load and unload on a chairlift when snowboarding.See Transcript

Transcript:Use a Chairlift when Snowboarding

Hi, I’m Mike Doyle, Skiing Guide at, we’re here today at Killington Resort in Killington, Vermont With professional ski instructor Ken Morisseau. Ken is going to show us how to load and properly unload from a chairlift when Snowboarding.

Get on a Chairlift

To load and unload a chairlift takes a moment to make sure the terrain open from the top of the chair is at your level of riding. Next, skate to the "load here" sign. Place your back foot off of your board, next to your front binding on the toe edge side of your board. This will put you in a position so that all you need to do is let the chair sit you down.

Get Off the Chairlift

To unload you will need to stand up and not push off the chair. As in a straight gide, place your back foot against the inside of you back binding and ride to a stop. Remember, it is important to stay centered and neutral. Move quickly away from the unloading area to be out of the way of the next rider.

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