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Video:How to Know When to Pick Corn

with Charlie Siegchrist

Try these easy tips for knowing when to pick corn, and you'll have it at its freshest, sweetest peak. See these suggestions for knowing when to pick corn.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Know When to Pick Corn

Hi, I am Charlie Siegchrist for About.com Home and Garden, and I am going to show you how to pick an ear of corn.

Find Ripe Corn

Corn plants have tassels, which are the pollen baring part, and the pollen is received on the tassels. In looking to harvest the corn, you will notice a difference in color in the tassels. This particular ear here is very blond; it has not darkened all the way down. Whereas this ear here is dark all the way down to the husk, and you can reasonable assume that the corn is ready to eat.

Now we can check on that by cheating. We can pull back a little bit, and see how the kernels are filled all the way to the tip of the plant. If they are nice and tender when we take a thumbnail to them they should squirt milk.

Pick the Corn

And you simply grab the ear with your thumb toward the top and your middle finger toward the base, and you give a snap and a pull up. This is a very small ear, but those are nice tender young kernels that will make good eating.

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